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Increase material

Automate the loading of trailers with stationary and mobile systems with movable floors.
Check out the right solutions for your business.

Rodzaje systemów przeładunkowych

Use in the process of development and handling of bulk goods and in facilities requiring local transfer of bulk materials, such as biogas plants, sawmills, sorting plants, etc

Organization of product transfer in the warehouse management of palletized materials - in-plant transport systems, such as logistics and storage centers, production facilities

As custom equipment
and/or retrofitting of trailers according

to customer needs

We work with the best
manufacturers of movable floors

Since 2010, we have been installing moving floor systems in mobile and stationary solutions. Thanks to our experience, we know how to match the system to the material being transported, the method of segregation or space requirements.

We work with leading manufacturers of moving floor systems: Cargo Floor, Cargomatic, Joloda Hydraroll, Keith Walking Floor.

Logo Cargomatic.png

The CARGOMATIC system is a solution designed to support the optimization of logistics processes. CARGOMATIC is the best choice in situations where delivery time is very important for short-distance transportation and for multiple loads and unloads per day.


  • palletized goods

  • packaged materials

  • steel crates

  • roll containers

  • boxes and cartons

  • paper in boxes

  • dividers

Logo Joloda Hydraroll

JOLODA specializes in the design, manufacture and engineering of loading solutions for transportation and logistics for a wide variety of industries. It offers world-class manual, semi-automatic and automatic loading systems for a wide range of industries, including product distribution, logistics, automotive, paper and air transport.


  • connections between the production facility and the warehouse

  • connections between the warehouse and the consignee

  • automated container loading

  • container handling solutions

Logo Keith Walking Floor

KEITH WALKING FLOOR® systems offer solutions for horizontal loading/unloading of bulk materials, pallets, bales
and rolls. Floor conveyor systems offer safe, versatile
and efficient material handling for mobile unloading equipment and bunkers and storage docks
and transport facilities.


  • waste management and recycling

  • agriculture

  • aggregates and asphalt

  • timber industry

  • energy production

Logo CargoFloor

The Cargo Floor moving floor system is a multifunctional solution for loading
and unloading that enables fast
and efficient horizontal transport (without tilting).  The flagship application of this transport system is the unloading of various bulk products, which are normally loaded are loaded from the top.


  • waste management

  • recycling industry

  • alternative fuel transportation

  • timber industry

  • agricultural industry

  • and many other applications


Actiw's fully automated loading process completely removes operators and forklifts from the dock area during load preparation, load formation and during the loading process itself. Automatic loading for unmodified trucks and trailers.



  • containers

  • palletized goods

  • composite cargo

  • fast moving consumer goods

  • steel, timber, mined deposits

  • petrochemicals

  • third-party logistics


The system is designed to receive, store and dispense bulk materials, including in the municipal industry.

The project was awarded the MTP Group Gold Medal. The system uses a drive unit from Dutch manufacturer Cargo Floor CF 500 SLC.

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