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Quality Policy

This Policy stems from the development strategy of PTM Polska sp. z o.o. aiming to be the preferred provider of business solutions in the field of cargo transfer technology, bulk transportation of agricultural goods, timber, waste, biomass, cargo transportation for the construction industry, palletized cargo and transportation management.

PTM Polska sp. z o.o. intends to consistently implement the strategy by:

  • developing and searching for new products and solutions that can more comprehensively support a growing number of customers;

  • consciously and rapidly improving competence in the technologies used by the company;

  • striving to create intelligent, thoughtful and competitive offers;

  • building long-term positive relationships with the business environment consisting of Customers, Suppliers and Partners who value our expertise, professionalism and responsibility;

  • complying with legal and other regulations related to the quality of services provided;

  • continuous improvement of the Quality Management System

We expect our employees to take an active part in the culture of improvement, and for these experiences to be disseminated and applied as part of continuous development.

The guarantee that the policy principles are met is the maintenance of a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015 PTM Polska.png
Certyfikat rzetelności PTM Polska
List nominacyjny PTM Polska do Polskiej Nagrody Inteligentnego Rozwoju
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