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Wjazd na halę serwisową PTM Polska

Service and repairs

Diagnostics and ongoing repairs

Oferujemy kompleksową diagnostykę naczepy i szybkie naprawy bieżące, po uprzednim telefonicznym zgłoszeniu. We współpracy z autoryzowaną siecią serwisową naszych dostawców, dokonujemy przeglądów układów pneumatycznych i hamulcowych WABCO, HALDEX, KNORR.

Dodatkowo, oprócz ewentualnych usterek oraz historii przebiegu naczepy, odczytane zostaną parametry pracy układu odczyty ODR czy ciśnienie hamowań. Oferujemy również montaż zestawów do podnoszenia osi, SAF INTRA, DCA czy BPW.

Post-accident repairs

If you've had an accident and you're counting on fast and professional action, come to us. In cooperation with the insurance company, we will make a full analysis and valuation of the damage.

We will make you a full offer for the supply of parts and comprehensive repair of the trailer. In emergency situations, we will help you find a replacement trailer.

Renovations and reconditioning

We provide maintenance services for comprehensive renovation of entire trailers, as well as individual systems.


Our offer includes, among others:

  •  replacement of wall and floor aluminum panels and plates and their welding

  • paint repairs

  • renovation of movable floor systems

  • rotating or replacing aluminum floor panels

  • replacement of sliders, panel ends

  • repairs of tarpaulins and instrumentation

  • other

We carry out regenerations of:

  •  elements of hydraulic systems - cylinders

  • distributors

  • brake systems

  • pneumatic systems

Mobile service

Mobile repairs all over Poland! Service vehicle - mobile repairs and parts delivery on special order throughout Poland. Call and ask for details.

Welding of steel and aluminum

At our main service workshop in Lodz, we have the latest machinery and expertise in welding aluminum and steel structures.

We specialize in welding truck structures and components.

We offer welding of:

  • aluminum and steel structural components of trailers, semi-trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles

  • clamps, handles, brackets

  • steps, railings, platforms

  • panels, edges and other details and parts

Trailer parts

We offer products from the world's leading brands including: Stas, Huffermann, Joloda, Cargo Floor, Cargomatic, Wabco, Joloda, Knorr, Haldex, Aspock, Speedline Truck and many others.

In PTM's online store you will find floor panels, lighting, hydraulics, rims, pneumatics, oils and fluids, accessories and other trailer parts and components.

Service network

Our service network includes more than 20 facilities throughout Poland. We are authorized by SAF, JOST, HEWEA - FASSI.

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