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2D laser cutting

Laser cutting of metals, aluminum is one of the modern methods of metal processing which, is used all over the world.

This method is the most accurate and fastest type of CNC cutting. It allows you to obtain parts with complex shapes and irregular dimensions from sheets of metal. However, it is limited to relatively thin material thicknesses.

The technology involves emitting a laser beam over a small area. The transmitted beam causes immediate melting or vaporization of the material, without heating the starting material.

CORMAK LF3015EU2 is a machine created for fast cutting of 2D parts from various types of sheet metal. The FIBER-type light source emits a light beam with a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers. These properties affect the intensity, which is 100 times higher than that of CO2 devices of similar power.

Workpiece materials:

-Black steel: up to 15 mm

-Stainless steel: up to 8 mm

-Aluminum: up to 6 mm

Technical data CORMAK LF3015EU2 :

-Power: 1000 W

-Maximum sheet dimensions: 2500x1250 mm

-Positioning accuracy: 0.6mm



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