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Band saw cutting

This is another professional metalworking machine that allows you to cut complex and irregular shapes, as well as cut in a straight line. The band saw is a versatile device with a wide range of functionality.

Bandsaw cutting makes it possible to process easily machined workpieces and more demanding materials, such as stainless steel.

The CORMAK S200R cutting machine we have is characterized by high cutting accuracy. A powerful cast iron rotary table synchronized with the rotary arm is responsible for this. The band saw works well in both unit and batch production cutting profiles and solid materials.

Technical data CORMAK S200R:

-Power: 2100 W

-Minimum cutting diameter: ⌀ 5mm

-Angle setting range: from -45⁰ to 60⁰



Piotr Bartoszewicz

Service and Warranty Department Director

+48 501 380 619

Sebastian Rychliński

Head of Transportation Department

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