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CAD design and 3D modeling

CAD design is computer-aided design. CAD software is used in countless industries, and its main benefits include increased efficiency for designers and the emergence of better and better quality designs.

We use SolidWorks to create design visualizations. Its task is to make a 3D design for realization by dividing it into parts, assembling them and checking their fit. It is used in every modern design office.

3D modeling is the digital representation of any object or surface, using 3D modeling software. At its most basic, a 3D model can be created from simple shapes such as cubes, rectangles and triangles. These shapes are then modified into complex, polygonal designs.

We offer:

-Design of machinery, equipment and parts

-3D modeling

-Creation of 2D documentation

-Creation of working files for laser cutting machine



Piotr Bartoszewicz

Service and Warranty Department Director

+48 501 380 619

Sebastian Rychliński

Head of Transportation Department

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