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Press brake bending

A press brake is a specialized machine used mainly for the plastic processing of various grades of steel sheets. Depending on the complexity of the shape to be obtained, it performs from one to several operations on a single component.

Thanks to the high accuracy and repeatability of the components made, it allows the machine to be used in many industries.

We provide bending services on the press brake DURMA AD-R 40175, thanks to the use of CNC numerical control, it is distinguished by accuracy, repeatability and significantly speeds up the work of making bent components.

Technical data:

-Maximum bending width: 4 m

-Maximum pressure: 175 tons

-Bending angles >= 90 ⁰.

Maximum thickness of sheet metal bending:

-Steel: 6mm

-Aluminum: 8mm



Piotr Bartoszewicz

Service and Warranty Department Director

+48 501 380 619

Sebastian Rychliński

Head of Transportation Department

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