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Production of hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hose manufacturing is otherwise known as crimping hydraulic hoses, a necessary process for a hose to perform its function properly.

The entire process begins with cutting the hose to the appropriate length. Then a collet is placed on the hose, and a metal end is inserted into its hole. Once this is done, we place the hose in a special machine called a crimping machine, which is a press for hydraulic hoses.

We set the appropriate diameter of the cupping, which depends on what kind of hose we are dealing with. The final step is to forge all the parts so that they permanently fuse into an inseparable whole.

In our machine park there are devices allowing complex processing of hydraulic hoses from cutting with HYDRO-PLAST C-400 saw, through skinning with HYDRO-PLAST 2''4SP/SH device to crimping with HYDRO-PLAST P32Q crimping machine.

Process parameters:

-Cutting of hose sizes: from 3/16'' to 2'' class 4SP

-Cutting of hoses with sizes: from 3/8'' to 2'' class 4SH

-Snapping of hoses with sizes: from 1/4'' to 2'' class 4SP



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