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Welding involves joining materials by heating and melting them at the point of joining with or without the addition of a filler metal. The heat source is usually the welding arc created by the current generated by the welding current source.

The most commonly welded materials are metals, such as aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. But plastics can also be welded - when welding plastics, the heat source is hot air or an electric resistor.

Our LINCOLN ELECTRIC 405 SP and LINCOLN ELECTRIC S350 CE multi-process welding machines allow precise control of welding parameters.

These machines are operated by a qualified and experienced team. Thanks to this, the welding services we provide are of a high level.

We weld with MIG/MAG/MMA methods black steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.



Piotr Bartoszewicz

Service and Warranty Department Director

+48 501 380 619

Sebastian Rychliński

Head of Transportation Department

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